Why do you live in Arizona?

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona! Arizona Wildcats are in my blood! My father was from Boston, Massachusetts  and my mother was from Langdon, North Dakota. My father moved to Arizona to feel healthy, he had horrible asthma and the doctors told him to “move west my son.” He transferred to the University of Arizona and never looked back, although he did miss his Lobster! My parents met, fell in love, and loved  living in Arizona! Every summer we would fly to Boston or drive to North Dakota.

Why do I live in Arizona? Yes, it is true the summers can be a little warm, I’m pretty sure we are directly ON the Sun in June, July and August!  From November to May it is beautiful here and we have the most amazing  sunsets, I swear they are sent from heaven!

photo 1 (1)


When I met my husband he was an A-10 pilot in the Air Force stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base here in Tucson. We are both natives and wanted to stay close to family and friends.  He served 9 years in the active duty Air Force then was hired by Southwest Airlines. He flies for Southwest out of Phoenix, Arizona and is gone 3-4 days a week. He is also in the Air Force Reserves and will retire in 3 years. He just made Lt. Colonel and our sons were so proud to do the honors of pinning on his medals!




We both love Arizona because we are a very active family. I enjoy running, Mike loves to bike and our boys tolerate hikes with us. In the winter we travel north to Pinetop, Az. and enjoy “spring” skiing. Yes, there is snow in Arizona. Its not a lot so the ski resorts make snow nightly.



I’m very fortunate to enjoy the best of both worlds. In the summer we travel and explore the world. In the winter we enjoy Arizona every opportunity we can.


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