5 Tips for Staying Healthy when Traveling

I have chronic sinus infections and they always appear after or during a vacation. This year I doubled my daily Vitamin D3 to 2000 and always take it with Magnesium. This has helped a lot.

Here are some of the things I take with me when I travel to keep me from getting sick:



It contains 1,200 Mg Vitamin C!  I got it from a friend selling Melaluca. It tastes good and I can pack a few packets to take with me anywhere, just add water and stir or shake.


Citrus Sunrise Tea has 200% daily value Vitamin C and it tastes great. You can add sugar if you like it sweeter. I like it because the warm tea opens my sinuses and soothes my sore throat.


DoTerra Makes a travel size diffuser and it takes batteries!

I love the Breathe Essential oil! I will load the diffuser with Breathe and put it on my neck, bottom of my feet and my wrists before I go to bed.


My new favorite drink at Starbucks when I’m getting sick is a Medicine Ball.

It’s on the Starbuck’s Menu as Honey Citrus Mint Tea, but if you ask for a Medicine Ball they always know what you mean.

It contains:

Jade Citrus Mint tea

Peach Tranquility Tea

Steamed Lemonade

and 2 packets of honey

Is it going to cure the common cold? No, but it will make you feel better! I would ask for 1 packet of honey since it has a LOT of sugar! This will help open your sinuses and sooth your sore throat.



WASH your Hands and clean all your surfaces!

I never eat off the tray table on the airplane! Some people change dirty diapers on the tray tables! EW!

Flight Attendants don’t have time to wipe them down!

I always travel with had wipes and wipe everything! If I can’t get to the bathroom to wash my hands before I eat I wipe with these. I don’t like hand sanitizer, I feel like it just rubs the germs in. This wipes the germs off.


I hope these tips have helped and keep you and your family healthy next time you travel!


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