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Have you ever rented a dress? I heard of the website Rent the Runway  that rents designer $500 dresses for $30-$90 and thought I would give it a try! I had a wedding to attend at a Resort in San Diego in October.  I was 30 pounds over weight and I had nothing in my closet that fit. I really didn’t want to buy something new for $100-$200 in my size, since I was determined to lose the weight! I wanted 2 dresses for the weekend, 1 for the Western theme happy hour Friday night and 1 for the wedding Saturday.

I browsed the dresses and found 2 that I loved. When you click on the dress you can see the model and click on her back view. Then you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see Real women wearing the dress, read their reviews, and see their dimensions. Also, you get an idea of jewelry or shoes to help accessorize the dress.  After extensive research I had the courage to guess my size and how the dresses would fit.

I ordered my dresses for a 4 day rental and paid $30 for the 1 year membership. With the membership you get free shipping and returns,  free dry cleaning, free back up size, plus a free dress for your birthday. I awaited my dresses arrival like a kid waiting for Christmas Day!  Tuesday I received an email that the dresses I ordered were unable to be used. I’m assuming an angry girl ripped them off  trying to fit them over her head in a moment of panic. We have all been there.

The email included a phone number to call and a very sweet apology. I called immediately and went to my computer to browse the dress selection. While talking to the stylist (a man, who I don’t think  has ever had to talk a woman off a ledge before) did a good job, but he kept pushing yellow dresses on me, I don’t wear yellow Ever! I tried to find something in my color pallet and my size available the same weekend everyone in the country was using the service. We finally found 2 dresses that I thought would work. He had them shipped overnight to me.

WEDNESDAY THE DRESSES ARRIVED!!! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Until I tried them on. Then I cried myself into a sobbing mess laying on the floor. They didn’t fit! I could barely zip  the floral one over my waist.The blue one was extremely tight all over, in fact both breasts would not stay in the dress at the same time! So, I called back my friend at RTR and we had another go at finding something for me. This time I was much more realistic about my size and went up 2 sizes! Big breasts get in the way again! They had 2 dresses available in my size that I liked. In fact, they were sending me an extra  green dress just in case! Unfortunately I had to leave for the airport Friday morning and they would not arrive here in time. I had the RTR associate ship them to the Resort in San Diego. Then I went to my closet and prayed something would fit, just in case. I found 2 dresses in my closet that would fit, but I would not be happy wearing either of them. This was a really special wedding at a Resort in San Diego. I wanted to look like a princess, not her evil step sister!

Friday morning I was packing and getting ready to leave the house when my cell phone rang. It was UPS and they wanted my address. They had my dresses at the Tucson UPS main office. I wrote down the address and we drove there on the way to the airport. I picked up my package and looked inside. The package included the  2 dresses for the wedding but I was missing the blue one I wanted for happy hour that night. I called back RTR to find the missing blue dress and they said it was on the way to the Resort in San Diego.

We arrived at the resort and the dress was no where to be seen. I went to the Western Theme happy hour in a black dress from my closet. It fit, but I didn’t like it. It was like being on a diet and eating a salad with out dressing while your family eats pizza!

Fortunately, out of the 2 dresses I did receive I was able to wear 1 of them to the wedding. The green one was too tight, one breast would have to stay home. I went to the wedding in the floral Rent the Runway designer dress and I felt like a million bucks!! Sure I was overweight and old, but I felt like a princess in this beautiful dress! I received many compliments on my dress and it really made my night! I put the dress back in the bag and shipped it back to RTR! It was pretty simple.


What did I learn from my experience? Be more realistic about your size, maybe take measurements? If you plan on renting for an out of town event pay for the 8 day rental? Will I rent from RTR again? YES! I’m planning on renting from them for a Gala I’m attending in March! I have lost 20 pounds and I’m hoping my experience will be easier. At least this time it’s in town.

If you would like to try the service:

Tell them Paula sent you! I think they know me by my first name by now:)

BIG THANK YOU to Jaime Williams for the beautiful jewelry from Chloe & Isabel!




I rented another dress for a Gala I attended this weekend! I loved this little black dress! It was tight in the chest but I wore a sports bra and the situation was under control! I received many compliments on the dress and it felt great wearing something that was so stylish! I have to admit, I have event anxiety! I love going to events but I get a little anxiety worrying about what I’m going to wear. This really helped relieve my stress because I knew my dress was perfect!


2 thoughts on “Rent the Runway

  1. Ive done rent the runway a few times, with lots of success. I feel like I have picked dresses that would be more forgiving, and between the two sizes were able to get one that fit. i love hearing that they had good customer service and worked with you


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