Travel “kit”

I love to travel but I’m not fond of hotels. Its fine for one night or two but for a vacation I like to have a kitchen. We usually rent through VRBO to find a nice house, cabin, or beach condo depending on where we are going. If we are driving I always bring my “kit”.

You would think most rentals would have the “essentials” but I’m always digging through my kit for a wine bottle opener or sugar packets. If you don’t have a wine or beer bottle opener how can you start your vacation?

I have a list of things I always like to have at home, but depending on where we are going sometimes I add to the box or leave things at home.

My Essentials:

Paper Plates,  cups, plastic utensils, Paper towels, Ziploc bags (large and small). I am on vacation and I don’t want to do dishes all day!thumbnail_IMG_8270

Dishwasher pods, Dish washing liquid, hand soap, Tide pods, and  disinfecting wipes help keep your home away from home clean. If there is a washer and dryer its really nice to go home with clean clothes:)


If I’m going to do dishes, I need a dish scrubber!thumbnail_IMG_8265

Most important items: Wine bottle opener, can opener, lighter, dustpan, measuring cup and multipurpose knife. thumbnail_IMG_8267

Don’t forget favorite spices, cooking spray, chip clips, and aluminum foil!


Morning essentials: Your morning wont be the same with out your favorite coffee, tea, creamer,  and sugar! I add the disposable cups in case I need to take my coffee to go or I  don’t want to do dishes!thumbnail_IMG_8269

In Mexico I always bring my own ice cube trays! I don’t trust the trays in the freezer were filled with filtered water!


Take a trip to Walmart or the Dollar store, make your kit and keep it for vacations to come. I like a clear container so I can see what is missing. I try to keep everything in Ziploc bags or original packaging for easy clean up in case there is a spill.


Happy Travels!