Walt Disney World

Before you go to Disney World make a budget! It’s easy to go overboard on Disney resorts and tickets, but if you are flexible you can have a wonderful vacation and not go broke! First find a hotel or resort close to Disney. If you get a rental car you can save hundreds of dollars by driving to the resorts. I didn’t want to spend $700 a night to stay at Disney and then have to eat all of our meals at the parks that would be hundreds of dollars more!

We found a great deal at The Villas at Summer Bay Resort. We had a villa with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and full kitchen with washer and dryer for $350 for the WEEK!! Did I mention they had a water park? I went to the grocery store and loaded up on food for breakfast, snacks and dinners. It saved us a lot of money and we ate healthy.  http://www.hotels.com/ho202380/summer-bay-orlando-by-exploria-resorts-clermont-united-states

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Once you find a place to stay look for discounted tickets. We had a military discount since my husband was in the Air Force Reserves. If you are not staying at the Disney hotels don’t buy the park hopper tickets. It is a haul to get from one park to the other and I can guarantee you won’t use them! you can find discounted tickets at http://www.orlandoparkdeals.com/disney-attraction-tickets/disney-tickets-oneday or http://www.MyDisneyWorld.com .

Once you buy your tickets go to: http://www.Touringplans.com. It is worth it! Look up the days you want to go in the crowd tracker. They give you a number 1-10 on how crowded each park is for those days. We went to the water park Typhoon Lagoon on Monday because it was a holiday and crazy busy at the other parks.  We went to Magic Kingdom on Wednesday because it was the only day it was a 5/10.

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Then go to  https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/  and create an account. Enter the numbers on your tickets and get your fast passes for the days you will be at each park. Do your research on heights and rides the kids will want to go on. Then go back to touring plans and enter your fast pass times. Then enter all of the rides you want to go on at each park. You can even pick restaurants to eat at and enter the time. The touring plan will give you a plan for the whole day and you can change it while you are there. It is so much easier to do the research at home on your computer than spending all day at the park in line. My family was so happy I did the work ahead of time. I had everything on my IPhone touring plans app. and I could access it and change it anytime I wanted. We didn’t stand in any line longer than 15 minutes. That was a huge success!

Get to the parks early!! We planned to park the car 15 minutes before Magic Kingdom opened but then we had to ride the tram just to get to the entrance. We were expecting to get there before it opened but we were late and had to stand in the sun forever.


Packing for Disneyworld:
Backpack or backpack purse
Running shoes (cute flip flops will kill your feet!)
Water bottles- you can refill in the park
Propel packs- my kids will guzzle water if it has a little flavor
Snacks (apples, grapes, cuties and Lara bars)
Ponchos or rain jackets
Phone charger case
Sunscreen and sunglasses

Have a Great Trip!